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Black Orchid Scented Candle


Hand poured into a unique wheel thrown vessel complete with disc lid, our 100ml soy candles are all-natural with a beautiful Black Orchid fragrance.

For those who value the uniqueness of a handmade item, this is the perfect sustainable gift.
The vessel is glazed on the inside and can be repurposed for a variety of uses.

Purchase either the floral or lace pattern variation.
(The lace pattern blue/black glaze leans more to 'blue' than the glaze on the floral variation.)


Height - approximately 5cm
Width - approximately 9 - 9.5cm

Lid glazed in satin blue/black 
Please note, our remaining floral lidded candles are glazed on the inside with black gloss.

*The candles with lace lids are slightly smaller than the floral range, just in case you were looking for a mixed pair.


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