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Imagine having your own private pottery studio experience on your birthday! Let us create a special workshop to make the day a truly memorable one.

Our parties run for 2hrs with 1 ½ hours for the clay activity, then you’ll have 30mins for party food/cake/presents, if you choose to bring these; these can be enjoyed in our studio garden (weather permitting).

Times can be flexible but are generally 10am-12pm, 12-2pm or 2-4pm

Below are two workshop options to consider, but we are happy to create an experience based on your ideas and party theme.

Ceramic Picture Frame Birthday Activity

Group of 6 minimum - 10 maximum
$85 per person
Ages 7+

Each child will create a unique decorative 7 x 9” ceramic hanging picture frame that will be glazed white.

Lots of fun, the activity can be themed to the person having the birthday!

Children will learn how to layer clay and to use a variety of mark-making in this special workshop.

Hand Built Bowl Birthday Activity

Group of 6 minimum - 10 maximum
$85 per person
Ages 7+

Hand-build a personalised bowl in this hour and a half session. Choose your glaze (from three options), we will apply the glaze, then fire the piece for you to pick up 4 weeks later.

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