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Our 100ml candles are hand poured in our studio with a natural plant-based soy wax that contains no paraffin, no unnatural additives and is also vegan.

The vessel is thrown on the wheel in black clay, glazed on the inside and comes complete with a flat disc lid to cover and extinguish the flame. The lid also doubles as a base plate and could also be repurposed later as a coaster. 
Scented with a beautifully subtle Black Orchid fragrance, our oil is highly purified, 100% phthalate free, not tested on animals and paraffin free.

Perfect for beside the bed, on your bathroom vanity or the home office desk, these pretty jewellery dishes make a perfect gift!

Hand made and unique, these dishes come in a variety of designs and colours.

Remember to always burn a soy candle right to the edge when you first use it, otherwise it will only ever melt to where you first burnt it (often making a crater down the centre of the candle). 
Never leave burning candles unattended and don’t burn for more than 4 hours at a time.


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