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Keep track of items that are easily
misplaced in the action of
daily living

Our Baroque Valet Tray is the perfectly stylish way
to keep things organised
Find your keys, phone & sunglasses
all in the one spot.

The idea for our Valet Tray began when Tonia started using one of the flat plates that we had made to hold her phone and other items together in one spot. Finding this really useful (no more "have you seen my phone") she thought that others might as well, and because aesthetics matter, Tonia wanted to create an item that would not only help to keep things in order but also enhance an interior space by design.
With the past beautifully informing the present, Tonia used the embossed antique artwork she purchased as a student to create this range of trays. 

Phase One of making.
Pieces waiting to dry before bisque-firing to 1,000 °C

A little bit about the Baroque style

An early 17th century style, 'all things Baroque' are known for lavish and highly decorated surfaces, with shapes and forms, such as scrolls of foliage, curved and spiraled to create a sense of movement,

The French Baroque style may look like a riot of details and decorative elements, but it distinguishes itself with an underlying focus on symmetry and elegance informed by French Classicism -think the opulence and design of the Palace of Versailles in Paris!


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